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 Sevket is an alternative / non-traditional scholar, & director and ideas entrepreneur at Research/Education/Study/Tutor (REST).

Research-Education-Study-Tutor (REST:)

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Director: Sevket Hylton Akyildiz

Contact me here on this WordPress site on the contact page for details about my consultancy, education and information services, and research services. 

New students and clients are welcome to contact me on this site for an informal chat about my range of services:

  • academic services
  • editing services
  • knowledge and information management
  • research & consultancy services
  • academic tutoring
  • course construction, syllabus and content
  • book & article sales
  • conference management & workshop organisation services
  • examination invigilation
  • examination preparation, student services & strategies
  • conversational English language tuition
  • other education services are available upon request


1. Mentoring and Study Guidance: Confidence Building 

In these times of competition to succeed in academic studies, and in seeking and retaining employment many people feel stressed and under pressure. This service is offered to students and the general public to help them find a rational and emotional pathway through the maze of competing interests, obligations and demands.

Please contact Sevket through this site for a discussion on the counselling services offered. All costs are affordable, for example, a one hour consultation tailored to the needs of student is available at £12.00. A two hour consultation is available at £18.00.

Consultations are conducted in public spaces and/or telephone.

2. Academic Reviews, Editing, Proofreading

Please contact me on this site (see Contacts) if you require professional help and support with academic proofreading

  • pre-university entry guidance
  • undergraduate – years 1 to 3
  • postgraduate – MA, MSc, Diploma
  • PhD candidate – all stages
  • post-doctorate & early year career academics
  • Disciplines:
  • History / International history / World history
  • Soviet History
  • Politics / political philosophy
  • International relations
  • Political theory
  • Social theory 
  • Ethnic studies
  • Environmental studies (cultural change and community)
  • Islamic and Muslim studies (British and European Muslims)
  • Landscape and community
  • Specialist regions:
  • Central Asia
  • Eurasia
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia

My edited papers since 2014 have covered:

  • Contemporary Kazakhstan history
  • Security, and international relations
  • Art history and the Qur’an
  • Turkey and foreign relations today
  • Soviet costume culture in Uzbekistan
  • Turkey, regionalism and politics
  • Anthropology and UK hotels
  • International relations and Iraq
  • Middle East studies
  • Anthropology and Central Asia
  • Women and migration in Central Asia
  • Turkey and Greece: history